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I have been Hairdressing now for 24 years, starting in the city at the Queen Victoria Building. During this time I had the opportunity of meeting VIP's and quite a few well known celebrities. At a fashion show I was able to help my employer, working backstage. I was wrapped and loved it, however, I felt I was missing something.


I decided to work closer to home in Maroubra and finished my apprenticeship in Mascot. Making a decision to go out on my own, I rented a chair near the beach. I loved working for myself, but I married and had my first child a year later. I worked from home during my child’s early years. I felt that I was losing touch with the industry, so I went to work Part Time

Four years later, I had my second child and my life has been a big rollercoaster of emotions after finally going back to work Full Time.


Unfortunately that was short lived, as I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. I had a massive fight on my hands! And I won!

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